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    Our content includes fictional depictions of violence, nudity, and death.

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Artist Primer

Whether you're a new artist or seasoned expert, the information below will help you get the most out of Pixels in Peril.


I would like to extended an especially warm welcome to you. This is a small place where we try and foster a sense of community, helping each other learn and grow as artists, and you are critical to our long-term success. We have a deep interest in, and passion for digital and traditional art. We also believe art should be explored with as few restrictions as possible. However, there are rules, and you are asked to kindly respect them.


There are three galleries inside. They are reserved for your original material and viewer feedback:

Digital Art - Computer-generated images created with apps like Daz Studio, Poser, Blender, Maya, Cinema4D, and Unreal

Traditional Art - Sketches, drawings, and paintings.

Image of the Month - Celebrating extraordinary work by member artists as chosen by their peers.


Our goal is to promote a sense of camaraderie while encouraging constructive criticism. To that end, you should expect - and accept - that not every comment you receive will be filled with blanket praise. For discussion of artwork to be meaningful it has to concentrate on areas that can be improved.


PiP uses a shared hosting plan with unlimited storage and bandwidth. Nevertheless, I've configured a 2 MB file size limit for attachments, and up to 20 images can be attached to a message. If you'd like to share something larger or include more images in a post, you're encouraged to embed them using your favorite image hosting service.